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Love Is Always Seventeen


Seventeen -- It's been a while since I've been seventeen
And the years since have been mighty lean
But there's no use complainin'
Forty-two--has a way of creeping up on you
And my chances left are gettin' few
But there's till time remainin'

I've been waiting for someone
Who loves the way I do
And girl I've got my fingers crossed
In hopes it might be you...
Twenty-one...that's how many different jobs I've done
I remember quittin' every one
With no hesitatin'
And thirty-three... that's how many women left on me
I don't have too good a history
But I don't mind waitin'...
Cause it really doesn't matter
How many years you've seen
Cause Love is Always Seventeen
Wonder if you'll be the one
To end this lonesome heart
'Cause girl I've got a lot to give
And I'd sure like to start.

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