Hey you!
I know that you hear me
I know that you feel me, no chance to set you free
I know that you fear me and that you can't see me
I know all your diary stories and all your dirty secrets that you can't hide
I know that you know me, but you can't tell anyone

You can't locate me anymore
The idea of innocence is ridiculous
Just steer away from these recurring thoughts
You are a liar, you are a masquerader
Maybe you can mislead your environment
Maybe you can convince your friends and enemies

Just smile and go away
Just cry and hate yourself
But you can never deceive me (fuck!)
I can feel that you are trying to deny my existence

When you are fighting against your ego and your misgivings
There is no one who could help you, no one who would believe you
When we would appear together, enrage united
Forgetting what's right or wrong, what's laudable or vile
Too many stories untold, too many facts unrecognized

It's already enough
Never try to deceive me
And now you can feel me clearly
Never try to deceive me

Now you can learn to accept my terrifying antic
Fuck you!

This is truly the end, this is cruelly the truth
But I do as I always did, because you are I, and I am you
We're coming from the depths

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