Hands clasped feet resting in the sink
Engulfed by silence, I hadn't seen you for so long,
You said "Stop being so dramatic"
A state of drunkenness, lines in a play, have we rehearsed this?
Understanding a conversation without words
This cracked and broken feeling was inevitable
I hate to be speechless at a moment like this
You are compassion I am overdramatic, unintentional
I try to communicate telepathically
I wonder if you ever hear my voice
I know things never work out right

I remember kissing on the back porch drinking wine
Backs to moist grass in the park, stars buried in the city sky
Makes words bigger than my life
Empty promises like skeletons
Reflections of myself
It never burns away, truth comes spilling out
What this is all about, I convinced myself I didn't know what to say

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