Days Of Our Lives


Put the music on and let me sing
I can feel the magic that you bring
Don't keep me waiting, I just can't take it

And if you turn back the time
Remember when you were just mine
Then you can feel it
This is how I see it

It's gonna be the days of our lives
We're gonna fly high in the blue sky
Wait for the right plane
Playing that same game
It's there in your eyes
We just can't miss it this time
And there is no time for goodbye

This is the life that you chose, so live it
You can watch, you can maybe sit in
I tell you one thing, and this one's for sure
This is your life, so you
Take care of it all

Let the people see what love can bring
This is not a game that someone wins
If you don't use it, I'm sure you will lose it

I'm gonna give up my life
I'm gonna stay here by your side
I know that you feel it
So this is your call

It's gonna be...

Don't wanna stay
Let's go today
Always together
Don't wanna make
The same mistake
Love you forever
Oh girl can't you see, what we're going through
I can't go on without you

It's gonna be...

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