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Somebody's Back In Town

Brothers Osborne

I just heard the saddest news, somebody's back in town
And I know just what he's gonna do
He'll pick up what he left off his last time around
Oh, how it hurts to keep on losing you.

Somebody's back in town to steal your love from me
The fear I've had so long is now reality
The only chance I have is when he throws you down
My chance is gone, somebody's back in town.

--- Instrumental ---

I know that I can't change your way we've been through that before
His trap is set and you will walk right in
He only wants a fly by night affair and nothing more
And you're just fool enough to fall again.

Somebody's back in town, why can't he stay away
You should know he never loved you anyway
He'll let you live a little then he'll throw you down
Sad news today, somebody's back in town.

Sad news today, somebody's back in town..

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Written by: Doyle Wilburn / Loretta Lynn / Teddy Wilburn. Isn't this right? Let us know.