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Bluegrass Music's Really Gone To Town

Brothers Osborne

Bluegrass music's really gone to town
Bluegrass music's really hit the ground
From New York to Bakersfield Calgary and Jacksonville
Bluegrass music's really gone to town

I remember back when I was just a boy in the hills of east Tennessee
I cut my teeth on Uncle Pen they called it mountain music then
That's why bluegrass means so much to me
I never thought I would live to see today there'd be bluegrass in Carnegie Hall
But them city folks got smart and love them country folks at heart
I guess they like their music after all

Bluegrass music's really gone...
[ mandolin ]
They even got it on TV college kids think it's the latest thing
Solemn gown and Texas shoes Boston College barbeque
Bluegrass really makes the rafter's rings
But kids today they think that is the same
They gotta think for each day in the week
But if you wanna see 'em go just give them footprints in the snow
Bluesgrass is the only thing for me

Bluegrass music's really gone...

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