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Humpin' Around

Bobby Brown

Ow everybody let's go
When U trust someone and U know
You're on their back
You ain't got no trusting about you
And you claim that you don't care where I'm at
You've given me reason to doubt you
Say U trust someone
Why ya calling all around
Think I've got someb'y on the side
Girl you don't trust no on one
And you're constantly in doubt
You lose the game if you play that way

Get up off my back get up
Save your heart attack yeah
(Ain't nobody humpin' around)
No matter what they say
No it ain't that way
Ain't nobody humpin' around

Come on Ditch when you love someone
And you want to love 'em right
You got to get more lovin' about 'cha
When you know that you're holding on too tight
Soon they will be leaving without you
Say that U love someone
Why you calling all my friends
Thin' I've got somethin' to hide
Girl you don't love no one
You don't know what love's about
You lose the game if you play that way


Girl when U trust someone
You don't call on everybody
Ain't nobody foolin' around
And the more I think about it
You lose all your clout
If you lose the game baby
If you play that way yeah
Back to Bobby Brown
Back to Bobby Brown
Back to Bobby Brown

My name is Brown that's what I'm called
So don't try to step to be wrong
In your falsehood
'Cos I just wanna get something to you
Maybe take control of you just like
I told you I wanna roll on a tip
That's movin' µ

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Written by: Babyface / Daryl Simmons / L.A. Reid / Stylz. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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