Hello… come into my world…
I've been sitting here on my own,
for quite a while now
contemplating things, things that happened,
yesterday, and the day before,
and the day before.

Hello… come into my world…
You're welcome here, it's an open door,
but you're the only one,
'cos I feel you are a part of me
and it's warm in here, here by the fire,
and I was about to put some music on.

Hello… come into my world…
When I'm alone
I go walking round inside my brain
and sit amongst the memories
When I'm alone
I can pick up all the bits of broken love
and try to make the pieces fit
And all my sadness lives
deep in the bottom of my heart
It sleeps most times
but sometimes
I can hear it beat its wings
When I'm alone.

Hello… come into my world…

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