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In The Game Of Love


In the Game Of Love
You either win or lose
but you have to face the truth when you play the game of love
In the Game of love
There's a chance you have to take
If you think your heart should break(should break)
When You Play The game Of Love(2xs)

1st Verse
Oh it is amazing,how close to you I feel sometimes I wonder I wonder if it's
Or could we be lovers or just the best of friends
or is this just a story that's coming to an end


If I had the power,I would reach into your mind and try to find the answers
that your heart could never find
You see I'm only human,i musta fallen for your spell but baby for the future I
guess only time will tell---(oh oh)

I remember mondays(Mondays that were spent in June)
Memories that were gone too soon
Where did they go? Gone away, or will they come back to stay?
Should I wait(Should I wait in vain) Or will I find another day of pain
What should I do?What will it be
Or is this just a fantasy?------


I don't wnat to play the game of love no more,,I've played the game of love
before(played the game,played the game of love)
See I don't wanna play the game(Play the) of love no more,I've played the
game(play the) of love before
Played the game,played the game,played the of love(2xs)


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Written by: Gordon Chambers / Kevin Anderson / Rich Stroud. Isn't this right? Let us know.