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The Post-Alternative Seattle Fall-Out

Bruce Dickinson

Time travel...
Voyage of the chosen few...
Not yet, but maybe soon...

In the post alternative seattle fallout
Worms will fly and pigs will shout
Does a worm have a brain, well you'd better find out
Slice it in half and suck the offending part out

If you can't see the roof there must be a ceiling
If you can't find a door you must be locked in
Cover your faces ,cover your vest
Cover your ears, east and west

Where do ya wanna go?
I know where you wanna go
I don't want you to save me

There's somethng about a nozzle I like
Mmmm maybe the way they wave at you expectantly in the summerheat
Yellow lines on policemen...

In the post alternative seattle fallout
How would ya know how would ya find out? - out
How can you see the wood for the trees?
Trying to find a species to rhyme with the birds and bees
When the world is run by things that squirt - and it is
Better watch the skies for holy dirt
Go home on the bus and have your tea
Come have a vulture meal with me

Where do ya wanna go?
I know where you wanna go
I don't want you to save me

Everything is very strange in here

Time travel
Voyage of the chosen few
Not yet... but maybe soon

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