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Devil On A Hog

Bruce Dickinson

You wanna know where legends live?
At the rainbows end, I'll be there
There's a place in innerspace
That's where I'll get to you
I'm not the shy retiring kind
I'm like a supernova for the blind
I used to sit at God's right hand
But I quit that show to do my one night stands

Coming outta nowhere
I'm a Godhead rider
You won't see my face no more
My machine has left the floor.
Leave my rivals in the dirt
I've seen your world and I got the shirt
Before I leave and go my way
I loved that but I couldn't stay
There's nothing back for you to feel
Just remember me

You might see me in Tokyo
To the rings of Saturn hey... Let's go
And you can trip all the lights with me
But your one time chance is never free
I'll see you baby once again
Maybe 3 score years and ten
I'll be driving a different ship
That when I'll take you down
For your final trip

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