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Defenders On The Flag

Bruce Hornsby & The Range

It's coming one day now
said the captain
It's coming one day now
cried the priest.
The people in high places may defend you
But son
you better hope they keep the peace.
Can't you hear them calling? Can't you see them shine?
The city halls are falling
the defenders drink their wine.
And when the party's over their stomaches start to sag
Defenders of the flag.
The congregation's waiting at the altar
They can't find the preacher anywhere.
They found him with the new girl from the chair
Where they store the boxes of the book of prayer.
If these guys are the good ones
i don't want to know the bad
You wonder how it happened
they just picked it up from dad.
While faded old glory is hanging like a rag
Defenders of the flag.
The flag is flying high over the courthouse
The wheels of justice never stood a chance.
The judge is down at Charlie's on his launch hour
Checking out the picture show from France.
Carrying a fifth of whiskey in a dirty paper bag
Threw the ball to home
but they always missed the tag.
Faded old glory hanging like a rag
Defenders on the flag.

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