With the heart of the lion, the power of the sword
With the gods on your side see of the ignorant horde
That dared to set foot on your sacred land
Today a thousand die at your mighty hand

You are, the lionhearted one
You stand, you face the sun
You are, my lionhearted son
You carry on the fight I begun

You are your fathers image, you stand aloft
You will lead your nation to victory
You stand defiant against those you scoffed
Lionhearted one set you people free
Your unmatched courage, knows no bounds
And your pride sets my heart alight
I know your task has been found
And your heart is brave enough for this fight
Now my lionhearted son, please heed these words
And ensure our future is finally safe
You only recive what you rightly deserve
Se meet your tormentors face to face

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