I'm up right now, got drank in my cup right now
Dank in my blunt right now
I can't give a fuck right now
Game need change, I'll turn that bitch upside down
I'm curious, all of a sudden you wanna fuck
Why now?
All of a sudden you wanna fuck, why now
Can't even lie I wanna fuck right now
Pants down and your shirt up right now
Girl you know just how to get my attention
Lot of bullshit from the past I could mention
Come fuck me, you know I don't like tension
You ain't really fuck with me way back then

But how 'bout now?
Cause I'm up right now, and you simply suck right now
Ay, you would never give me play back then
But how 'bout now?
Bitch I'm up right now, and you suck right now
Used to talk shit about me to all your friends
But how 'bout now?
Yeah, girl how 'bout now?
How 'bout now girl, what about now girl
How 'bout now?

Don't tell me to keep you in the loop like the beat is
'Til Drake throw me on the remix, we both know
That'll never happen
What change girl, I thought we was everlasting?
It's not me it's you I know
Cause I was never slacking
Don't play with me girl, I'm the truth when it come to acting
Like me and you never happened
Tough luck right now, boo-hoo
That's enough right now
Unless you wanna fuck right now
Ain't much to discuss right now
I'mma beat it up like the beat
And this shit thump right now
It's a whole lot of bitches in the club
Don't make me choose up right now
It's a whole lot of niggas in the club
Straight putting up a front right now
Came with your main ho, listen up
You could lose her right now
She feeling a nigga something tough right now
Why? Cause I'm up right now
Young Tiller

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