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Slit My Wrists


What is wrong with you,
Can't we both just get along
I see the hesitation in your eyes

Take me back again
Maybe we can work it out
You know I hate to see you when you cry


Slit my wrists and I'll just fade away
The Carolina's where I want to lay
And if I walk away from here, I'll never be the same
Can't you see it's not about you

I'm so sick of it
One more fight and all these problems
Is there anything you like

Have you had enough
I'd give my life for one last touch
Open up cause I'm comin' in


Late night masquerades
A quite scene and your devotion
You fall asleep, I hold you closer
Teenage waste land, aren't we crazy now

I can't carry on, don't you know that I still love you
We can make it here tonight
Let's just run away, back to everything we lived for
Just let go and close your eyes
Close your eyes

(Chorus X2)

Can't you see it's not about you (X2)

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