Once upon a blue thing or two
Eyes in sight, the moon confused
We heard the sparks fly and we watched their lies
Some died in retreat, some in jealousy

You know boredom breeds, temptation in its wake
But do look at what temptation's done
The spirit is here in the hollow, a message at the bottom of the bottle
Oh, the sky tonight is gray, all the quiver and the quake

Reaching away goodbye rye
Been bled on down the road
But when the buzz was over, man
It was getting cold

The years are slow, so i lye low
Do you want your name to burn away?
Oh, but i decide, honey, will i ride?
Along and through and over you

Sleep shame, reno's low behind in flames
So with your misty mist and your low land frame
Won't you sleep shame?

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