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Wading Rain

Bugs In Amber

Button up your coat it's getting cold.
With intimate coherence running free from you.
There used to be a time when loyalty was in a name
but now i fear some politics come first.
I've heard how from your mouth i've made my bed.
Wrinkled or imperfect i still lay my head.
But you don't seem to give regard to all those helping with your bed
you fluffed your pillow on your own.

Now you play yourself above me
I can't blame you when the people you surround yourself with
seem to have a knack for blowing smoke
All i've ever done was show support to
all that you deserve and i commend you. -
But one thing you should know is
i can do without the condescending advise that you give.
Don't ever be afraid. Take on responsibility for what you do
And the choices that are made are what define you.

Wade the rain. Wading rain

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