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Dark is my boyfriend
Dark is my best friend
Dark is the one I can't ignore
Dark is no coward
He is so lovely
He is the one I'm yearning for
I really want him
Cold hearted seraphim
I know what's in store
He cannot show love
He only feels pain
Sadness to the core

Be my lover and you will see me
Love is not the way to set my heart free
Pain and sorrow is all it knows and
Take me now, oh please please dark man

Dark is my savior
Dark is my plaything
He has his cold grip on me
Dark is so sexy
He gives me shivers
My true love my fantasy
Please mister darkness
Come to my doorstep
You will find the key
I want to join you
In your safe arms
Please don't ignore my plea

Dark made me his slave
That makes me happy
Without dark I cannot live
Dark plans to take me
Down to his dark lair
Through his halls my life I give
This is the sad tale
Of me and my dark man
I do hate him so

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