Now I Really Don´t Care About
No Nigga Tryin to Slang
And I Really Don´t Give a Fuck
About no Nigga Tryin to Bang
Cuz We Got, Hand Times Commin
Down Like Rainy Weather
We Can Buck N Shoot em Up
Or We Can All Rize Together
With the Price in Your Eyes
The Pep in Our Step I´m Tryin To
Spit the Message Out Until I Reach
My Last Breath My Physical Awarness
Plus My Continous Mind Pülus the Live
Microphone Equals Righteous Rhyme
So You Know I´m Flowin´ Like H2o
Then Fountain Non-stop to a Thirsty Soul
I Be Like, Cupid Draw Back My Bow
Point It At Your Mind N Let My Fly Rhyme Go
Cuz I, a Man Born to Die Small Speak On
Till I´m Carried By Six to My Restin´ Home
Cuz I´m a Hoochy Fader
Devastader, Real Busta Hater
The Hommy´s Call Me "G" Cuz I´m
G-g-greater On the Microphone
Splurgin Cut Snakes Like a Surgeon
And Busta You Can´t Fade Cuz
I Flow Tight Like a Virgin

Being Raised As a "G"
It Ain´t the Easiest Thang to Be
Runnin´ - Gunnin´ - Ridin´ - Rollin´
Hey-aye It´s Got the Best of Me

As I Grow You Watch Me Come
With the Smooth Flow. Cause You
Know Mr. P Don´t Stop I Let It Go.
Now I´m Comin Up. Cause It´s the Thing
To Do Cause I Brought Yall On This Track
You See I Thought Yall Knew Another Black Man
I Got the Master Plan and I´m Twisted Comin
Back So Yall Can Understand Because It´s
In Me I´m Comin Deep Like the Sea And
I´m Swimmin in This Mystical Frame.
You See I´m Off Express Mode Cause I Deliver
My Own and I´m Wishin and I´m Hoping I Can
Sit On My Throne, I´m All Alone.
I´m Pushing 2 Times to Yall Dome.
It´s My Brain and I´m Wishin You Well Can´t
You Feel That I Was Born I Had the Mission
Right From the Start Then I Carried It Then
I Burried It So Listen Up Cause I Got to Tell
You One More Time Stay Real and Stay Up
As I Kick My Rhyme´s.


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