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I Wanna Be Rich


Cast cold that's what I need
These bill colectors they ring my phone
They bother me when I'm not at home
Ain't go no time to be fooling round
Feel touch the floors and I get on down, you see
I want money lots and lots of money
I want the pie in the sky
I want money lots and lots of money
So don't be asking me why
I wanna be rich oh
I wanna be rich
I wanna be rich oh
I wanna be rich
I want my cake wanna eat it too
I want the stars and the silver moon
I spend my money of lottery
My favourite number is 1 2 3, you see
Everyway rich
Love peace and happiness
I want all the things that lovers do
A pocketfull of dreams come true
Everything you can not find
Want you by my side?
That keep you satisfied and rich
Here is what you gonna do
Say oh I say uh uh
Got to be baby
I just wanna be rich
I just wanna be, just wanna be
Cause baby
Be rich I wanna be rich
I know what I mean baby
Everyday and everyway
Play baby there is lots for everyone
-Chommar, Ipiet, Ira, Hani-

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Written by: Belinda Lipscomb / Melvin Gentry / Reggie Calloway / Vincent Calloway. Isn't this right? Let us know.