Yesterday evening
After I'd gone to bed
I lay awake thinking
Of the things that you said
When you left me
You let me down easy
Said you still love me
But you had to go
So I cried a little
But then realized
That the love we had between us
Could never die

And when my hopes
And dreams begin to fade
The world decides
To rain on my parade
I think of you
And all the love we shared
And it takes away my sadness
And fills my heart with gladness

I still recall
The pain and the misery
The hurt that I felt
When you walked out on me
It hurt me
Somehow it seems although
You're gone away
Your love remains in my heart
I feel it, I know it is there
It's so good this understanding
That you'll always care

And when my hopes...

I know I've got it
The feeling is there
It's your love that
That keeps me carrying on
That's why I'm happy
Just knowing you care
It's for sure
Your love will always be strong


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