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Second Round Knockout


Mike Tyson here speakin with the Cannibus man over here
Your main objective out here is to nothing but
Eat Eat Eat Eat MC's for lunch breakfast
Hey man, they been playin me all my life man
You know I won a title a couple a times did right
but they can't hurt us man
We gonna do it, get up in this ring man, puttin these gloves
Let me show you how to handle this lil nigga

So I'ma let the world know the truth, you dont want me to shine
You studied my rhyme, then you laced your vocals after mine
Thats a bitch move, somethin that a homo rapper would do
So when you say that you platinum you only droppin clues
I studied your background, read the book that you wrote
Research the footnotes bout how you used to sniff coke
Frontin like a drug free role model, you disgust me
I know bitches that seen you smoke weed recently
You walk around showin your body cuz it sells
Plus to avoid the fact that you aint got skillz
Mad at me cuz i kick that shit real niggas feel
When 99% of your fans wear high heels
From Ice-T to Kool Moe Dee to Jay-Z
Now you want to fuck with me you must be crazy
You drippin with wack juice and you can't get it off
You betta be prepard to finish what you start

Hey hey hey. You just hold it right there
We got an illegal low blow the fighter in the blue trunks
If I see one more of those your outta here brotha, youunderstand
You'll be disqualified
Stop bein a bitch, we came to see a fight

Yo Canibus man you gotta hit harder then that man
You dont want no bitch ass niggaz hangin out wit me man
We're warriors man
When we go into battle we come out or don't come out at all

Yo, you betta give me the respect that I deserve
or I'ma take it by force
Blast you with a 45 colt, make you summersault
Shock you with a couple hundred thousand volt thunderbolts
Before you wanted a war, now you wanna talk
It'z about who strikes the hardest not who strike first
Thats why I laugh when I hear that wack ass verse
That shit was the worse rhyme I ever heard in my life
Cuz the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th
God bless his soul, rest in peace kid
It's because of him at least I know what beef is.
it's not what I would call this
See this is somethin different
a faggot nigga tryin ta make a livin off of dissin
Somebody that he gotta know is betta then him
When he feelin himself cuz he got more chedda then him
Well lemme tell you somethin, you might have more cash then me
But you aint got the skillz to eat a nigga ass like me
And if you really want to show off, we can get it on
Live in front of the cameras on your own sitcom
I'll let you kick a verse, fuck it, I'll let you kick'em all
I'll even wait for the studio audience to applaud

Now watch me rip tha tat from your arm
Kick you in the groin, stick you for your Vanguard award
In front of your mom your 1st, 2nd and 3rd born
Make your wife get on the horn call Minister Farrakhan
So he could persuade me to squash it, I say naw he started it
He forgot what a hardcore artist is
A hardcore artist in a dangerous man
Such as myself trained to run 20 miles in soft sand, on or offland
Programed to kick hundreds of bars off hand
From a lost and forgotten land, you done did it man
You done spitted some wack shittit
And probably thought that because it's been a minute I'll forgetit
Fuck that, cause like Common and Cube
I see the bitch in you and I'ma make the world see it too

Ladies and gentelman, we have a new lyrical weight champion
By 2nd round knock out, 3 minutes and 40 seconds Can-i-bus

Yo, Canibus man you movin like Mike Tyson ? man
You in and out and you agile with you flow man
But dig right, you got you got meet man, thats your nameCanibus
Your whole agenda is to eat these niggaz man
They have no business to be in the same stage with you
holdin the mic with you

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