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Irene Cara

Well, what's this new feeling coming out of the streets
Everybody's talking 'bout it wherever they meet
Down by the corner, I keep getting the heat
Then my feet start moving to the rhythmic beat

Breakdancing, break out
Breakdancing, break out

They used to do the locomotion, do the jerk and the twist
But there just ain't never been nothing like this
Now popping and locking is a new way of talking
Things will work out for sure spinning 'out on the floor

Breakdancing, break out
Breakdancing, break out

Hearts are pumping, beat is thumping
Love the way you're looking tonight
Fever's rising, no surprises
We won't have the chance to fight

Breakdancing, break out
Breakdancing, break out

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Written by: Bunny Hull / Giorgio Moroder / Irene Cara. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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