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Music For A Lost Generation

Carbon 14

Music For A Lost Generation
Everday we're just getting older
everyday we get a little closer
everyday we're loosing our grip
more and more of our lives are shit
take these drugs, they make me sick
Addicted, lost and one cruel trickI am lost
never wanted to be like this
lostEverday your scraping your knees
Feind and thirst for drugs and disease
I hate myself for this greed
Fiend and fiend I get what I need
Heavier now the cross I bear
For a god who wasn't thereIn these times of turmoil
when you don't know what will happen tommorow
Realize that we are the future, and have hope
that things may change
So get up
and find yourselfAnd there will be a riot, in the house of godI am lost
I won't be a statistic

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