Dancing Together (Bailamos Juntos) (part. Teyou)

Carlos Jean

Now the time is up now more than ever
We are feeling as we're only one
As a heart beat with the same desire
Feels as we are one

With conviction cherish our opponent
And with constant work we reach our goals
Never lose touch with the things you dreaming
Feels as we are one

(Ooo eee), when we're together
(Ooo eee) everything's better
(Ooo eee) we're always dreaming
(Ooo eee) it's a good feeling
(Ooo eee) for now and ever
(Ooo eee) we are always winning
(Ooo eee eeee eee)
(Ooo eee) dancing together
(Ooo eee) bailamos juntos
(Ooo eee) nous dansons ensemble
(Ooo eee) balliamo insieme
(Ooo eee) wir tarzen zusammen
(Ooo eee) my tantsuyem vmeste
(Ooo eee ooo, ooo eee ooo)

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