She rides in the front seat
She's my older sister
She knows her power over me
She goes to bed an hour later than I do
When she turns the lights out
What does she think about?
And what does she do in the daylight that makes her so great?

Oh, but to be
Oh, but to be
Oh, but to be
I'd like to be
My older sister

She flys through the back door.
She's my older sister.
She throws french phrases 'round the room.
She has ice skates and legs that fit right in.
She's wicked to all the beaming dreamers who later
Boast of an evening by her fiery side.

Oh but to be
I'd like to be
Please let me be
Oh let me be
My older sister

And in her black gymnastic tights
She runs into some elastic night
Sophisticated sister sings for the soldiers of the soccer team.
Their silver id's and sororitys
They tinker with love in their model t's
Oh lord
Won't you let me be her for just one day?

She turns everybodys heads
While I wear her last year's threads
With patches and stitches and a turned up hem

Oh but to be
Oh but to be
I'd like to be
Just once to be
My older sister

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