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Back To The Fort


Civilians are all dead now
My armyjacket got ripped
The striker in a bed now beneath the men lie dead
They tried to all forget it
But I never think I will

I get up feeling down
Wished I had turned around
And I fight my way back to the fort
Back to the fort

It echoes all tomorrow
Hate has come instead
The songs will all bring sorrow
The Indian-girl says
"The States are growing big now"
"Who cares about the rest"

I get up...

The axes are all laid down
The opressed fought and begged
Please treat her well
The major ??? (go to hell)
The little pinned-boned soldier
Was far too scared to stay
So he screamed

I get up...

The ??? major's adjutants
All loved to see more blood
Were so ??? senceless
She's still lies there in the mud
People have forgotten
The ??? massacre

I get up... (repeat)

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