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He had come a long long way
Thought he had something to say
And now we want you to play
I guess he'd come to stay
He needed women's touch
But Judy taught him too much
He started smoking and such

Skintight, midnight, tough fight, twilight
He didn't get on so well
Skintight, midnight, tough fight, twilight
He was getting closer to hell

I guess he thought it was a thrill
Nice taking pill after pill
I thought his life was a spill
It was like writing in a will
He tried the best that he could
but just got misunderstood
It was like chopping wood


The days have gone for sure
He couldn't play no more
Was no more rich nor poor
He came backstage of life
What could he'd done with the wife
That's not the cuts from a knife
That was the end of his life

Skintight... (repeat)

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