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On & On & On

Catch 22

I still remember that night it was the fourth
of July It's still engraved in my mind and I'm not suprised.
Gang wars no guns hand to hand.
You're black I'm white he's purple but I still don't undestand.
I'm going to be alright I'm going to be okay
everything is going to be fine back off.
I want to be alone I want to think it out and
I'm thinking that I want to go home.
Look who's laughing now.
I'll pull it off somehow.
As I passed her by I could see her cry and
I'll never forget the look that was in her
eye and the music you know it played on &
and on & on so won't somebody tap her on
the shoulder tell her life goes on.
3 years 2 months 1 week 4 days I'm always
counting down because there ain't no easier
way trust me you know that I tried and if I
said it was easy then you know that I told a lie.
I'm going to be alright I'm going to be just fine.
One down five billion to go.
Am I the next in line and do I really want to know?

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