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Kristina She Don't Know I Exist

Catch 22

Not long ago in my high school days
I watched a girl from so far away
But everytime she passed me by I turned my head away and quietlysighed.
And when she walked by her hair would dance,
a secret tango that only I could understand
and if she asked for the time of day
I'd look her in the eyes and quietly say:
Oh,Kristina Kristina Do you have any clue who I am?
hell no)
So listen up because I'll tell you once
and I'll explain myself the best that I can.
Oh,Kristina Kristina You don't know me so I'll have to persist.
You don't know me so I'll have to persist.
I'm kind of shy so don't wonder why Kristina she don't know Iexist.
From calss to class I followed her,
but I swore I'd leave her undisturbed
and if she ever stopped by and turned around I got so nervous
and I stared at the ground.
And then one day in photography I foud a contact
print that I could not believe and there she was
staring back at me so I took her home so quietly.
1.17.98 it's been a day that I've come to hate.
As I walked into the video store there she stood
as my jaw fell to the floor.
Tapping her toe, waiting in line, with a movie
and some other guy Why did I bother?
Why did I care?
About this girl named Kristina Behr?
Oh, Kristina Kristina You'll never get to know who I am.(yourloss)
So this is goodbye so please don't cry and I'll let
you down as softly as I can.
Oh Kristina Kristina another name to cross off my list.
In another life it could have been nice but Kristina
she won't know what she missed.

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