At the Gypsy's Eye
When the Moon Is High
And the Mood Is Right For Dancing, Romancing

While Michael Wails
In His Baggy Tails
Makes It All Seem So Enhancing For Dancing

Oh You're So Naughty
Oh With Your Body
Oh You're So Naughty
I Wanna Get Naughty With You
If You Want Me To

All Those Fools Out There
Could They Be Aware
I Just Need Someone to Come Home To
But You Are So Rare, I Don't Even Care
'cause I Got You to Roam With

Could I Be Dreamin'
Am I With You
My Heart Is Screamin'
Could This Be True
Let's Keep It Goin'
Our Love Is Rare
Let's Keep It Growin'
We're Almost There

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Written by: Charles Fleischer / Michael Mugrage. Isn't this right? Let us know.