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The Chameleons

The Chameleons

I delve into myself ceaselessly
Oh but i rarely see,what i want to see
Embracing the future,forgetting the past
Loves,Loss and misfortune
the chaos and the crass
Well I'm wary of you,but you're oblivious to me.
I'm chained to your ego,but there isn't a key.
I play with emotions, ah but never my own.
Don't you recognise me?,try looking inwardly
Ah but you won't see me.
Such a strange fascination
As i wallow in waste
That such a trivial victory
Could put a smile on your face
Using me as the scapegoat for what you want to beleive
Well i'll just bow out politely, and tip my cap as i leave.

Aaah comme ci comme ca comme ci

My eyes are wide open yours are closed
It's time you realised i'm a part of you
Look inwardly,don't bleed for me
Look to yourself

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