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Rubber Meets The Road

Steven Curtis Chapman

Well, I couldn´t reach the pedals, but I could hold on to thewheel
I was driving in the Indy in my Daddy´s Oldsmobile
And I took the checkered flag and never took the car out ofpark
Maybe I was sitting still, but I was driving in my heart
And then one day this young man´s dreams came true
Dad threw the keys to me and said let´s see what you can do

Fire up your engines, come on let´s go
This is where the rubber meets the road
It´s time to put in motion everything you know
This is where the rubber meets the road, meets the road
The rubber meets the road

Well, I drove about an hour and finally made it around theblock
I was in all of my glory, Dad was in a state of shock
But it didn´t take long for me to understand
That the road´s a different place when the wheel is in yourhand
You can dream and scheme and talk about it, read it in a book
Look where you want to go, but are you going where you´velooked?
I´ve got a Bible on the table, I´ve got 5 more on my shelf
I´ve got a head half full of knowledge far from what I´d call awealth
But I know what I do know, better yet I know who knows me
And He´s given us directions and He´s throwing us the keys,saying . . .

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