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Ain't That Love

Chesney Kenny

I will always remember
The first time that we met
And the first time that I kissed your lips
Is a thing I won't forget
The special way you held me
Is the way you hold me still
And I knew right then that you loved me
And I know you always will

Ain't that love
Ain't that how it's supposed to be
When two hearts come together as one
Just like you and me
Ain't that love
Shining in your eyes
Heaven sent from up above
Ain't that love

My grandma and my grandpa
My momma and my dad
Didn't have a lot of things
But love is what they had
Their love kept them together
Through the many years
Though life was hard
They shared it all, through the laughter and the tears

Repeat Chorus

Baby you're the sunshine
That brightens up my day
And I will always stand by you
Darlin' come what may
And I will always love you, to have and to hold
And I'll keep my every promise to you
With this band of gold

Repeat Chorus

Heaven sent from up above
Ain't that love

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