Well i hear what you're saying?but i don't know what you mean?it's like stereo?i can tell that you're talking?but my head just isn't working?i'm in stereo
Everything is funny like i'm sitting on the bottom of the sea?don't know if i like it or if someone ought to come and rescue me
Like alot of other people?when the going's getting tough?i go stereo?part of me can take it?but the rest is backing off?and i'm in stereo
Floating out of reach of everybody - everything is moving slow?it's an underwater movie?like the rapture of the deep and jacques cousteau
It's alright - it's ok - i don't mind?now you've walked right into my little world?you can stay we'll be fine we'll be fine we'll be fine?we'll be ok

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Written by: Bill Henderson / Brian MacLeod. Isn't this right? Let us know.