Beyond (translation)


Finding a promise, we vowed on that day
With our hands connected, walking, why we could see far away
What is the important thing?
To know a lie
If it becomes a dream
It'll be complained about
Along with the depths of a smile
Confusion is buried

Break the wall, I want to deliver it to you
From the important pain

Put weight on the words and put weight on the heart
Let's try anything
If the path you're concentrating on is let go
The unstable things are all in ourselves
So realize it
Find more of the truth

From the ordinary incident, after something was awakened
From the changing scenery we were disoriented
What is the separated thing?
Don't go against it
If it's forgiven a bit
Pick up the scent
In the sleeping memories
A toy is there

Break time, I want to touch it
It's a mysterious wind

Pay attention to yesterday, pay attention to your eyes
Let's find anything
I don't know other things, I want you
All the great things are in the depths of the smile
No one touches it
Like a code, the true you

Pay attention to the words, pay attention to the heart
Let's try anything
If the shaking feelings are calmed
All the unstable things are in both of us
So realize it
The undeniable truth, want it tomorrow...
Find it soon...

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