Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)

Chocolate Watch Band

Gonna find a way into society
There might be a way, mediocrity
I'll travel that road
some others have tried
You might laugh at me
You got so much pride
But you and your friends you might cry
When you see
that I have passed you by

Are you gonna be there
When I make my mark
Are you gonna be there
When I set the spark
At the Love-In with your head in the air
Well I may be thankful
that there's people out there to help me
If I choose the right direction when I'm
making my connection in this world

There's too many people
who don't know where they belong
They need someone
to tell them right from wrong
You better break away
Try to be yourself
Don't leave your future to someone else
Design the laws
that gonna govern your fate
You better watch yourself
It might be too late

Are you gonna be there
With a broken heart
Are you gonna be there
When I make my mark, at the Love-In
When I set that spark that starts the
flame that burns the things so that
they'll be too late to be accounted for
I open up my door and let them in

Are you gonna be there

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