Put Your Hands In The Air

Chris Brown

Put your hands in the air
If you want to freak some guy tonight
Put your hands in the air
All my ladies(repeat 3x)
Do it just like that (repeats)
All my ladies, just like that

Friends for the night
Yeah they all on me
And tell me what you like
Cause I'm gonna get that shit and bull
You got on your the birthday suit
And your sexy calling baby
Tonight is your night
You're the center of the attention in the spot light
It's on you
Got your hair done
If you're feeling real good say yeah
Throw your tens up and right there

Up in VIP with the
Ladies party at Mansion
Watch me do my dougie
Bet shawties think I'm handsome
Yeah yeah yeah

Hennessey and Bailey on the daily
Ciroc by the case load.
Party all night long
We aint stoppin' 'til I say so
If you're lonely
Come in here with me
Girl just work that thang
You know I'm a freak

Girl hear this
If you're feeling real good say yeah
Throw your tens up and keep them right there

Just like that
Just like this
Whatever it is your shorty
You got this
Like a game of tag
You got it
And shorty got ass
That you can't miss
She's the shit
Lighters up or just put
Up your the cellphone
Dark skin girls turn me on
So do red ones bones
Race into the VIP
Looking like marathon
Too many bottles left over
Guess I'm gonna carry on
And I'm gonna turn it up
And all the niggass smoking
Tell em burn it up
She got me... against the wall
She's about to make a stand up
I'm gonna put my mother fucker hands up

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