Hahaha, alright
Let that beat drop
Okay, let go

Look, go on make em clap, make em do that
And when this nigga rap, they be like "who dat?"
She in the party super wet, where the pool at?
I got a big head, so my hat adjust to 2 snaps

Money to the ceiling, tell me where my roof at
Your pants too tight, maybe you just too fat
Just a cheetoh with doritos, yea, I lay em like du-rags
Boy, I know why you mad, cause my chain stoopid

And your girl leaning all on me
I'm a give her a couple of drinks, then I put her ass to sleep
Bedtime, if she come she a freak
Then you read them headlines that she fucking with c. B

What you mean? I'm a ball out
I'm driving space ships, I threw my cars out
What I call a garage, you call a house
Live in that hole in the wall, you are a mouse

They be like: Chris, you killing it, soprano
Valet tryna steal my keys, nigga this ain't no piano
What you mean? I'm the president, but fuck a bout a plan though
They gonna have to change the channel, cause it's way too much to handle
Yep, haha

All that bullshit, I ain't hearing it
Cause I'm on point, like a pyramid
And I'm flushing you turds, killing shit
Only hear two words, nigga sit

I'm the bestest
I'm in that range, you in that low key
Off that super loud, the car smoking, but it's Friday
What up smokey?

Damn, man all these cameras are bananas
And the waitress hate me, hope she don't spit in my sandwich
Yea, ya'll can't get at me like a mention
Indirectly, ya'll respect me, because this boy in detention

But still I walk around too proud
Neighbors mad at me, cause I fuck too loud
You would think I was police, how I move crowds
V-a-gina! Two up, two down

Team breezy, yea I'm reppin it
We the shit boi, so don't step in it
I'm all about my stripes, like a veteran
And it's getting too late, I need to take my medicine

Ok, ok let me go
Nigga be shining, this soul glow
Boy, look at all these diamonds
And my chain so heavy, and my neck be rhyming
Can't see you, all I see is my shades
Girl, got her giddy giddy, frankie lyeman
I make her cum like clockwork
What you call that? Perfect timing

They call me Hercules
Just like a slave, she working me
Know she off that Bonnie, when she smoking and got them purple leaves
7-Eleven head, no hands when she slurping me
Then she swallowed my sword, like a circus freak

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