Shared glasses and cigarettes
There's a lock .. up inside of me
And i have so many regrets
This isn't how things used to be
And ..neevr satisfied
Guess what i stop f*cking tryin
Guess up and guess you didn't know your ..

But it's always you
I'm always wrong anything like you
And i always got awar with you
And i lose yeah yeah
I'm a sell it dude gotta keep coming back to you
'cause it's feeling like deja-vu
My head spinnin around and got me sayin

I i i
Your way 2 complicated
I i i i i can't no longer take it
I i i i we're no good let 's just base it
I i i i 'cause your way 2 complicated

Here such a snobby girl

Used to think you were a queen
Damn shawty did rain on my parade
Same old silly games you play
This is such a waste of time
I'm starting to think that you're insane

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