You better hide that pussy
Niggas like us come rob that pussy (snatch that)
Stickin' fingers in it
Now got that pussy drippin' need a shower

I got 24 hours, 24 hours
Its just me and you
I got 24 hours, 24 hours, 24 hours
Go and shake that booty for me
I only got, I only got, 24 hours

Baby you look better with no clothes on
'Bout to pull up to the hotel
I know you getting ready for me
Got us tickets for the show here
(So many girls)
But you the only one for me
You like thug niggas
After the show they at the party at the club with us
Yeah, ain't tyna waste no time
Know we're only here for the night
You and your friends rollin' with me
Another day another city, cause we
Fucked up, off the Henny you know Trigga like to smoke
She got her
Ass up, you know Breezy like them bitches on the pole

You better hide your pussy
I'mma kill it then I'm gon' revive that pussy
Eat it alive that pussy
I'll American Pie that pussy

It ain't no question what we spendin'
I'm 'bout to jump knee deep in it
That pussy sweeter than flowers
Ain't gotta eat it in the shower
A nigga drunk need more liquor
More hoes, yo' bitch, no niggas
'Memeber when I used to be a broke nigga?
Now it's middle of December on a boat nigga
You know what you came to do tonight
Rich nigga in the club full of gold diggers
She don't need my money, she a go getter
As soon as I touch down you know I'mma hit her
As soon as I touch down she pull down my zipper
Gold Rollie no bust down, bust down, but it's still glitter
We got all night, show me what your pussy like
Beat it to the sunshine, give it to me one time
(I'm waitin')
Got me waitin' to eat it like I'm in a lunch line, it's crunch time
We some nasty niggas, we going for hours we outlasting niggas
Cause I love women
Baby take off that dress, time limit is

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