Wrist (feat. Solo Lucci)

Chris Brown

Wrist, drip, wrist, drip
Wrist, drip, wrist, drippin' and drippin'
Wrist (skrr, skrr), tip, four, tip, wrist
Drippin', Drippin', Drippin', Drippin'
Drippin', Drippin', Drippin, Drippin'

My wrist 'bout 30 below
Why would I be worried 'bout hoes?
And if you ain't ever leaning, swerving in traffic
You ain't sip that dirty before
Catch me tipping on 4, diamond drippin'
Prolly sippin' on 4
Ferragamo slippers dipped 'em in gold
With so many women, think I'm pimpin' on hoe

Cause my wrist still drippin', 44's still tip
In the cut with my hittas, no they do not miss
I'm a champagne pourin' nigga
I love big asses and tits (show me them tities)
And if you're here just to witness
I just promise this

Hold my wrist (skrr, skrr), tip, four, tip
Wrist, drip, 4, 4's, tip
On my wrist, tip, four tip
Wrist drip, 4, 4's tip

No he not ballin' like us
Who the fuck he think he is?
You gotta come to my city
You gotta see how we live (pull up with the drug dealers)
You should just come on the bed
I should just fuck you right now
Oh just forget what I said, I just be thinkin' out loud
Thinking out loud, thinking out loud

Can I hit in the mirror? (yeah)
I wanna see your body clearer
Let's think out loud (think out loud)
Got my wrist doin' 85 in a 35, 35, 35

Wrist, tip, four, tip
Wrist, drip, 4, 4's tip
On my wrist, tip, four tip
Wrist, drip, 4, 4's tip

My wrist thirty below, it cost about forty
Got fifty on me, my neck is retarded
But nigga I don't get it, my bitch is a baller
But she from the streets, so don't get us started
Handcuffs like I got arrested homie
Ferragamo's on me got me flexin' on 'em

Mud, mud, got all these taxes on me
Diamonds shining that's for VVS's only
Leanin' off activis, tippin' on four
Thinkin' 'bout when you just sleep
On it like mattresses

But that's how it go
I'm gettin' that dough and I'm about
To count up like it's calculus
I got my name out that trappin' shit
But I got the fame out this rappin' shit
Now my watch and my chain is immaculate

Got my wrist, tip, four, tip
Wrist, drip, 4, 4's tip
On my wrist, tip, four tip
Wrist, drip, 4, 4's tip
Oh my wrist, tip, four, tip
Wrist, drip, 4, 4's tip

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Written by: Bobby Turner Jr. / Caleb Nordelus / Christopher Brown / Christopher Dotson / Floyd Bentley / Lucci Solo / Lyirca Anderson / Michael Hernandez. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Mariana. Subtitled by Mariana. Revised by 2 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.