No one ever said that love was gonna be easy
Gotta take the ups and downs, the in-betweens
If you take this journey, gotta give yourself completely
Never let nobody ever step on a dream
You better stop
Listen to these words I say
You better stop
Don't you throw this good thing away no no
Put your trust in me
And I'll make you see
No the rain wont last forever
Find a way to make it better
Long as we can stand together
Love will find a way
Gonna make a new tomorrow
Say good-bye to tears and sorrow
Better listen when I say
Love will find a way
Somebody tried to tell me love doesn't last forever
Said it only happens in your wildest dreams
After all is said and done were still here together
Never listen to the lies and jealousy
You better stop
Don't you let them turn you around
You better stop
Hang into this love that weave found
Nothin' ever say
Can stand in our way
I want you, I need you - You know that I believe you
We got It, you know it,
So if it's real just show it

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Written by: Carl Sturken / Evan Rogers. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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