You think I look at you funny
Still think I take you for granted
I look at you, I don't want nobody else
But I haven't always been candid

I still remember our love songs
Feels like I'm out of my mind, girl
I'll give you all of my secrets
Oh, baby, just give me some time

Still think I take you for granted

Look, I've given all that you've asked for, yeah
Feel like I've bent over backwards
I only wanted to show you that I am yours
I'd do it again if I had to

I can't stop singing our love songs
Don't you forget that you're mine
I gave you all of my secrets
I gave you all of my time

Never took you for granted

You still consume my love
I let you in my head
You gotta be the one
To bring that old thing back again
Is it genuine love or a temporary feeling that you want?
Remember the time it took for two hearts to fall in love?

Whatever happened to love songs?
I thought you'd always be mine
You need to give me your secrets
Before we run out of time

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