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Day Of The Dead

The Church

Day of the dead down in Mexico
You and the dead on a holiday
You ever thought that you'd been here before
You ever did in a desperate way
On the beach stands a donkey who was waiting for you
He hee-haws, stamping his hoof
A fine blue day is tracked by the boys
Nodding up on the roof
And in the meetings held in the darkness
And in the darkness everyone flies
Ethereal monsters stagger in velvet
And I know you're fallin' behind
Drink in the bar down in the motel
I get involved with a prostitute
She's got a skull like a seraphim
I figure she is a messenger
She's at the heart of the festival
She's got the hands of a picadore
She asks the spirits for a romance
She gets a ghost for a paradise
And in the weakness lost in the darkness
How soon the darkness lost all our plans
Come down the mountain decked out in satin
And I know you're fallin' behind
Day of the dead down in Mexico
We write a book on the Alamo
We filled the tank up at Texaco
We buy a trinket for curio
We walk big stuff through the marketplace
Drifting smoke, dollars, and aftershave
I got the mind of Illustrio
Emerging from the jealous cave
Crawlin' out of hell on a chain
And there's a demon down in the darkness
And in the darkness demons are blind
Jokers and aces, brusing on black felt
I know you're fallin' behind

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