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I'm Moving On

Chyvonne Scott

Ohhh how
I surrender baby, you're the boss
I no needing find another hopeless cause
I see your heart is made of stone
So I'm packing up my dreams
And I'm moving on
Oooh I'm moving on

I used to be spelled balm in your arms
With all of your kniveing you've lost your charm
You've built the flame that won my heart
But your lying and cheating has torn us apart
And I'm moving on

No more will deceiving kisses
Give my heart a thrill
No more can sugarcoat it from myself
Let you been my will

I no need to show regret
Have no fear
I'm on to that routine
The end is here
I'm going to find
Somebody out there
That will surrender to me
Can do loving care

Ohh I'm moving on
Yes I'm moving on

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