vistas 15

Behind The Faith

Clandestine Blaze

I have see behind the faith
And all I can see is self deception
Betrayal, mental slavery and fear
Father, son and Holy Spirit
Representing the dogma
You need to have to be able to
Believe without opportunity
For questioning

Fear of death, fear of punishment
Makes you crawl among the lowest maggots
Nothing means enough
To truly stand out from spineless mass
And stop relying on forgiveness
Of the higher powers

Book you believe in
Values you believe in
None of those matter
When your faith is based on forgiveness
Self deception, betrayal and mental slavery
Can never lose for fear
Father, son and the Holy Spirit demands your
Confession of faith and sheep-like regret
And forgives your worthless life

Your place is under the soul
Between decayed wood boards
Shut with rusty nails
Condemned to eternal oblivion
Faith and prayer gets you only this far,
Ideals you ever had, has been blasphemed
Already by your own existence