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Skin & Bones

Gilby Clarke

The last time I fell I left a piece of myself I was so broken
up, I should've stayed down Heaven can't you help me I'm
losing this war I don't wanna die young from with just battle

Keep the devil out of my soul; c'mon and save me From a
heart of stone Tell the Lord he can take me now, I'm a shell
of a man Just skin and bones

I had a little sister who could drink up a storm If the liquor
didn't kill her she'd be twenty-one The good times, bad
times can't remember them all Must have been the thunder
and alcohol

The skeletons in the closet keep me awake at night The
thing that really scares me are the monsters I live with


Gilby: Acoustic guitars, Piano, Lead vocals
Jo Almieda: Dobro slide guitar
Marc Danzeisen: Drums, Percussion
Will Effertz: Bass
Roberta Freeman: Harmony vocals
Tim P. : Harmonica
Joel Derouin: Fiddle
Eric Skodis: Jews harp

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