Apparition is a name for a friend...
that goes away in the end

You were my cancer and you kept me going
And all this time all I could do was feel you and touch you
And steal the blackness of your skin
But it became the blackness of your heart
And inside is was just black and I just... had to laugh

Ha ha ha-ha
Ha ha ha-ha-ha

You're my cancer...

And all this time I thought that you were same
That you were...
Just definately have changed
And changed back into what it used to be
And I just thought you'd never be again...
But there you go again... spinning 'round and 'round

Ha ha ha-ha
Ha ha ha-ha-ha

Hello... hello?
It's.. it's as if it's real...

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Written by: B. Dez Fafara / Miguel Rascon / Mike Cox. Isn't this right? Let us know.