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Mad Mad World

Cochrane Tom

I was standing with my paper there
minding my own news
For everything that someone said
someone else had a different view
I watched the whole thing there
unfold upon my T.V. screen
"A new World Order is on its way"
Well pass the popcorn please
You don't mean to tell me
no one here is going to get hurt
When there's folks at home who
eat dog food they can't afford a shirt
Sure find out real fast who's a sitting duck
When it's a

Mad mad world
Shake your hands and say good luck. It's a . . .
Mad mad world
I cannot believe this stuff. It's a . . .
Mad mad world
Getting madder every day
Mad mad world
Get involved and they blow you away
Sure find out real fast when you're a sitting duck
That it's a mad mad world

A little man sits up way high
way up above the crowd
Can you make them dance real fast
Can you make them cheer real loud

Money doesn't talk it swears
It sounds like a big machine
A voice on high says you reap what you sow
Just keep your own nose clean

More smoke fills up the air
More toxins up the creek
And that's when the cash it changes hands
so we turn the other cheek
Sure find out real fast just when you've
had enough that it's a


He walks into the office and
he finds a big pink slip
It says "You are no longer needed here
so take a good long trip."
You can take your gold watch and
stick it you know where
cause he's fired up and he's jacked up and
he's loaded up for bear


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